Sebastopol Walks

Sebastopol Walks

Sebastopol Walks: A Tree Walk

Saturday July, 29, 2017
​9:00 a.m.
Meet at the downtown plaza
3 to 4 Easy Miles – Moderate pace

Explore the trees of Sebastopol—from the common to the one-of-a kind! Depart the Plaza at 9:00, walk at a good pace through the streets of central Sebastopol, stopping at specific locations to identify trees in gardens and public spaces. A plant list will be provided.

Walkers will be introduced to many tree species: from young garden trees to heritage trees; California natives, Sebastopol natives, and introduced species.

Plant “geek” and former Plant Identification teacher, Virginia Anderegg, will share easy ways to identify trees. The route is around 3 to 4 miles with several planned stops to identify and appreciate the rich flora of our town, and return to the Plaza by 11:30.

Wear sunscreen, a hat and walking shoes. Bring water and a snack. Leader: Virginia Anderegg, Botanist

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