Special Projects

Special Projects are those that are either projects initiated by the City with respect to public policy or public facilities, or privately-proposed projects of a significant scope or size.

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CVS/Chase Project, 6877 Sebastopol Avenue

Housing Subcommittee 2017

Miscellaneous Planning Guidelines

Piazza Hotel Project

Pine Grove Square

A City Council Subcommittee has been reviewing the concept of redeveloping several City-owned downtown parking lots (the ‘South Main,’ ‘Park and Ride,’ and ‘Chamber’ parking lots bordered by Burnett Street, Petaluma Avenue, and South Main Street), with a mixed-use project that would provide needed housing, establish street-front commercial uses along the site’s South Main Street frontage, improve circulation, and generate net revenue. Conceptual alternatives range from 51 units and 7,500 sq. ft. of commercial space, to 69 units and 12,550 sq. ft. of commercial space in an alternative concept. On-site parking would be provided to serve the uses. Existing public parking on the site would be removed; potentially, with any owner agreement, several privately-owned parcels including the Chamber of Commerce property might be incorporated into the project. 
A market study and a parking study were commissioned as part of the review of the concepts.

Public Art Project - City of Sebastopol CALL FOR ARTISTS

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