2/3: Sebastopol Community Benefit Grants & Sponsorships Program Accepting Applications

2/3: Sebastopol Community Benefit Grants & Sponsorships Program Accepting Applications

The City of Sebastopol awards monies to programs or specific community projects that improve the quality of life and build civic pride in Sebastopol.

The City of Sebastopol recognizes the value that other organizations have in providing services that benefit the community and its members. The Community Benefit Grants and Sponsorships Program was created to support, strengthen and sustain the City Council goals and priorities to achieve a better quality of life by improving the health and overall well being through investment in our Sebastopol community organizations.

The City of Sebastopol understands that in a crisis such as this unprecedented health and economic crisis, nonprofits step up to advocate for, and serve, our communities in these challenging times. Our City and Country continue to face a profound impact on the economy, which include our non-profit organizations and members of the community in these unusual times. In many cases, the scope of operations will need to expand and evolve to accommodate increased demand for vital services.

Like many grants and programs, the demand for these funds exceeds availability. The City has limited funding for grants to our local non-profits and understands the critical need to help support our local non-profits. We also understand that many of our local non-profits revenues losses from closed programming and services have not quite returned to the level of normalcy, as well as anticipated shortfalls in fundraising continues, jeopardizes the need to provide these services to our community.

Click HERE for more information on program and instructions to apply.

The deadline for submission of applications is February 28, 2022.