CalTrans SR 116 Re-Striping Project

CalTrans SR 116 Re-Striping Project



SEBASTOPOL, Calif., September 13, 2018 – The next phase of the current Caltrans repaving project for SR 116 through Sebastopol will be lane-striping, which began this week and will continue until October 5, 2018. The lane-striping project includes adding bicycle lanes to SR 116, which fulfills part of the City of Sebastopol’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Plan and aligns with a similar County Plan. Initial work adding bicycle lanes to City-owned streets occurred in winter of 2018.
The new striping arrangements will look different from what drivers and bicyclists are accustomed to seeing. In all instances, national and state standards and best practices were observed in making the bicycle lanes design. Traveler safety, parking needs, emergency vehicle access, traffic control, and traffic flow were also considered. Designs were discussed publicly with the City Council but were ultimately left to the discretion of Caltrans. Residents are urged to exercise additional caution when driving, walking, or cycling.
Striping components for bicycle lanes were applied first, and crosswalk replacement markings, lane lines, fog lines, and other markings will follow. 
Bicycle Lane Markings:
  • Solid green painted areas indicate bicycle lanes
  • Intermittent green painted areas show transitions where vehicle and bicycle traffic might cross, such as for turns on side streets or major driveways
Petaluma Avenue Northbound Details:
  • Currently, Petaluma Avenue northbound is a single lane from Cooper Road to Palm Avenue
  • The new arrangement will extend the single lane section to the crossing of the Joe Rodota Trail
  • There will be two northbound travel (motor vehicle) lanes between the Joe Rodota Trail and Abbott Avenue
  • There will be three travel (motor vehicle) lanes between Abbott Avenue and the Sebastopol Road/Route 12 intersection

Palm Avenue to Joe Rodota Trail:
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Joe Rodota Trail to Burnett St:

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Burnett St to Sebastopol Ave/Hwy 12:

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Concept Plans for Re-Striping on SR 116:

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