LED Streetlight Upgrade Program

LED Streetlight Upgrade Program

At the October 30, 2018 City Council meeting, the Council voted in favor of opting into the Citywide PG&E LED Streetlight Replacement Program. This program will utilize the warmest available 2700 Kelvin LED streetlights at the minimum wattage available as locations are reviewed for illumination requirements. 

The purpose of the program is to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases.  In addition, adequate street lighting is an essential safety feature for the community and for vehicle and pedestrian travel at night.  PG&E identified 563 streetlights throughout Sebastopol as being eligible at no cost for the standard LED installation.  

Sebastopol is one of the last municipalities within PG&E’s jurisdiction that doesn’t have LED streetlights.  However, it’s one of the first to be offered the “warmer” style (2700K) LED fixtures at lower wattage options.

With LED lights comes an opportunity to radically improve how energy is used in outdoor spaces at night. LEDs are very small bulbs that don't have a filament that burns out, and don't get very warm. Due to technical advances, LED efficiency and light output have doubled about every three years. Because of their improved quality and falling prices, LEDs are now replacing conventional high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp types for outdoor lighting in communities around the world. 

LEDs help lower carbon emissions by reducing the demand for electricity, which is still largely generated by burning fossil fuels. In addition, LEDs are thought to be extremely long-lived. When switched on, LED's are instantly at full brightness, unlike HID lamps that have a significant time delay to begin emitting light. 

Ultimately, upgrading to LED streetlights will average an estimated 70% reduction in City energy consumption.  Energy cost savings to the City is estimated at $28,000 annually, and the long 20-year life of LED streetlights will reduce outage time and maintenance calls.

PG&E LED Streetlight Upgrade Notice

PG&E's website has more information on the program.  Questions about the actual lights and installation process can be directed to PG&E at streetlightupgrade@pge.com

See trial images of LED streetlights at Gwendolyn Pl.: 

See trial images of LED streetlights at Zimpher Rd.: