Oversight Board of the City of Sebastopol


In accordance with State Law, the City has established an Oversight Board whose responsibility is to oversee and approve of the activities and actions of the Successor Agency as it implements the dissolution of the former Sebastopol Community Development Agency.

The Oversight Board is scheduled to meet on the second Monday of every month.

The Oversight Board is a seven member board.   The manner in which persons were appointed to the Board were established in State Law (AB1X26), and are as follows:

Board Member Appointments

  • County Board of Supervisors - Mr. Chris Anderegg, Vice Chair
  • Vice Mayor of the City - Mr. Patrick Slayter, Chair of the Oversight Board
  • Largest Special District, By Property Tax Share - Position is Vacant
  • County Superintendent of Education - Ms. Mary Downey
  • Chancellor of the California Community Colleges - Ms. Kate Jolley
  • County Board of Supervisors - Mr. Evert Fernandez
  • Former Redevelopment Agency - Mr. Kenyon Webster