Zero Waste Subcommittee

The City Council approved and adopted by resolution 6214 a goal to achieve Zero Waste by 2030.  The City encourages the pursuit of Zero Waste as a long-term goal in order to eliminate waste and pollution in the manufacture, use, storage, and recycling of materials. This goal can be achieved through action plans and measures that significantly reduce waste and pollution. These measures will include encouragement of residents, businesses, and agencies to judiciously use, reuse, and recycle materials, and motivation of businesses to manufacture and market less toxic and more durable, repairable, reusable, recycled, and recyclable products.

Current Zero Waste Committee Members

City Council Member- Patrick Slayter
City Council Member- Sarah Glade Gurney
City Manager/Assistant City Manager- Larry McLaughlin or Mary Gourley
City Public Works Superintendent- Dante DelPrete
City Waste Management Agency Representative- Henry Mikus
City Local AB939 Task Force Representative- Sunny Galbraith
Franchise Hauler Representative- Ambrosia Thomson 
Commercial Entity Representative- Michael Siminitus
Commercial Entity Representative- Danielle Connor
Citizen Representative- Cynthia Albers
Citizen Representative- Judy Morgan
Student Representative- Amina Rand McNeil


More Information


Food Service Ware Alternatives: Information from the county waste agency, Zero Waste Sonoma, on reusable, compostable, and recyclable food service ware items and where to purchase.

Non-Food Service Ware Alternatives: Information from Zero Waste Sonoma alternatives to non- food service ware polystyrene items.