Climate Action Committee

On December 3, 2019 the City Council adopted a City Council Resolution declaring a climate emergency and committing to ongoing actions to restore a safe environment. On January 7, 2020 the City Council approved the creation of a Climate Action Subcommittee. The Climate Action Subcommittee will include a cross-section of community members from all sectors working together to create a recommendation to the City Council on specific actions.

At thier meeting on February 10, 2021, their name was formally changed to Climate Action Committee.

The Climate Action Committee will consist of eleven (11) to thirteen (13) members from the following backgrounds:

- TwoCity Councilmembers (SCTA/RCPA and ZW Sonoma Reps)                                                                   
- One Planning Commissioner                                                                      - Climate background
- One Member of City Staff (Planning Director or designee)                - Reside within Sebastopol city limits
- Two Youth members (ages 17-23)                                                               - Reside outside Sebastopol city limits within the 95472-zip code
- Sebastopol business owner                                                                         - Sebastopol Climate Action or other local climate group representative 
- Environmental justice/equity background                                              - Zero Waste representative/background
- Rights of nature background

Duties of Climate Action Committee:

- Formulate a Work Plan for the committee                                                  - Prioritize Climate Emergency Resolution Attachment A
- Research composition and duties of other cities committees               - Create Climate Calendar
- Develop a Climate Action Framework for the City                                     - Create Volunteer Appreciation Events/Climate Events

The Climate Action Committee (also known as the CAC) meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

You can reach Climate Action Committee members through the City of Sebastopol Planning Department (707-823-6167) or by email at

Climate Action Committee Members

Committee Members
Gerald Glaser Sunali Shanti Sikand
Alex Goodman Woody Hastings
Dena Allen Argus Brent
Josho Somine Ambrosia Thomson
Kenna Lee Evert Fernandez, Planning Commissioner
Liselotte Pierce Sarah Gurney, Councilmember
Deborah Burnes Diana Rich, Councilmember


Climate Action Committee Working Groups

Education/Outreach Working Group
Alex Goodman (L) (
Dena Allen,  Kenna Lee, Sunali Sikand
Energy Working Group
Gerry Glaser (L) (
Kenna Lee, Lisa Pierce, Tor Allen*, Steve Pierce*
Equity Working Group
Kenna Lee (L) (
Woody Hastings, Diana Rich
Finance/Funding Working Group
Lisa Pierce (L) (
Woody Hastings, Steve Pierce*
Sequestration Working Group
Josho Somine (L) (
Dena Allen
Transportation Working Group
Alex Goodman (L) (
Woody Hastings, Zeno Swijtink*
Zero Waste Group
Sunny Galbraith
Ambrosia Thompson
Argus Brent

(L) = Lead
*   = Non-Committee Participant

Staff Liaison
Kari Svanstrom, Planning Director                                                                  CivicSpark Fellow:  Phoebe Goulden                                                                                         

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