Fire Services Delivery Study

The Sebastopol City Council’s Ad Hoc Fire Committee has been presented with many questions regarding the process being undertaken and the plans being developed for the future of fire and emergency services in Sebastopol. This FAQ is a compilation of all those questions, with complete and factual answers that we hope will help inform our community on this very important issue. 
This FAQ is available below and a downloadable printable PDF is included. These versions have hyperlinks to the documents and websites mentioned. The Fire Services Delivery Study is a Project of the City Council. 

PDF Version to Download & Print: FAQ on the Future of Fire and Emergency Services in Sebastopol

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City Council investigating how best to deliver fire and emergency services to the residents of Sebastopol?
How is the Fire Department currently funded? Do we need more funding? Or replacement funding?
What are the City budget implications of consolidation or retaining an independent Fire Department? Will either one mean the City won’t have to continue to fund the Fire Department?
Who is on the "Ad Hoc Fire Committee?"
When did the Ad Hoc Fire Committee report on its activities? Where can I find those reports? Please summarize very briefly the formal reports and the City Council’s actions.
How much time has the Ad Hoc Committee spent investigating the options for the Fire Department? Has this been a thorough process?
Has the Fire Department been represented or involved in the meetings that have been held so far?
Is Sebastopol’s Fire Department already being consolidated with Gold Ridge Fire Protection District or any other Fire Department?
Since Chief Braga is retiring this December, who will be the next chief?
Was there a recommendation by the Ad Hoc Fire Committee that our fire services be consolidated with Gold Ridge Fire Protection District? What was the outcome of that recommendation?
Will the City be reaching out to the community to get input on the future of the Sebastopol Fire Department? Will there be future City Council meetings where the community can weigh in on the Fire Department’s future? Will there be a Town Hall?
Is the Ad Hoc Fire Committee and the City Council aware of the concerns of the firefighters? What is being done to address those concerns?
Was the May 17, 2022, agenda item about possible consolidation publicly noticed? How can residents find out when the Fire Department is being discussed by the City Council?
If consolidation is pursued, will it include a parcel tax for Sebastopol’s property owners? If so, what will be the process for Sebastopol property owners?
If the City Council decides to retain an independent Fire Department, how will it be funded? Will taxpayers be expected to cover the costs?
When will the City of Sebastopol’s Emergency Operations Plan be finalized?
What is the process moving forward? When will residents know what is going to happen with fire services in Sebastopol?
How much compensation do firefighters receive?
Why was Gold Ridge Fire Protection District identified as a possible consolidation partner?
What impact would consolidation have on homeowner insurance rates for Sebastopol residents?
How can members of the public weigh in on this subject?