Horizon Shine RV Village

In a move to provide safe and humane conditions for the unhoused population of Sebastopol, clear Morris Street encampments, and prevent future unpermitted camping on city streets, on November 30, 2021, the Sebastopol City Council declared a Homeless Emergency and voted to enter into an agreement with Sonoma Applied Village Services (SAVS) to develop and operate a one-year pilot program for an RV village at 845 Gravenstein Highway North (former AmeriGas site). 

Christened Horizon Shine RV Village, the site opened in February 2022 and has space for up to 20 RVs and about 30 individuals.  The village has bathrooms, sinks, showers, a dining tent / community hub, security cameras and a large fence surrounding the property.  

SAVS set up the site, manages, supervises, and provides wrap-around services (a team-based, collaborative case management approach that provides support services such as referrals to counseling, food, health care, etc.) at the site. SAVS and volunteers provide a hot meal every day and a pantry that supplements the food that villagers buy and prepare on their own. 

Visit Horizon Shine for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the operator of the RV Village Pilot Program?
When and how was the RV Village Pilot Program approved?
When will the RV Village be operational and how long will it be in operation?
Why was the property at 845 Gravenstein Highway North selected?
How is the RV Village being funded?
Where can I find the written agreement between the City and the operator?
Where can I find the layout plan for the RV Village?
How has the community been notified about the RV Village?
What is the status of community outreach by the operator?
How will the RV Village be different than large vehicle/RV encampment that we have seen on Morris Street and adjacent areas?
How are the City and County working together to provide services to the unhoused?
What is the Community Advisory Committee?
How can we help?
Who will be the operator?
What are the operator’s responsibilities?
What screening protocols will be in place to protect individuals participating in the RV Village program as well as the public from COVID-19?
What services will be provided?
Will there be quiet hours? Will there be a “code of conduct” or set rules for being in the RV Village?
Do vehicles need to be operational, registered, and insured? If the vehicle breaks down - will it be towed?
Will visitors be allowed?
How many RVs and people will reside at the RV Village?
Will there be cars parked outside the RV Village?
Will service animals or pets be allowed?
How long can participants be in the RV Village?
Will smoking be allowed?
What are the reporting requirements? Will these reports determine if the RV Village is closed or scaled (past/prior) to the one-year pilot?
Will this site have 24/7 security?
Will security be scaled up or down during the pilot program?
How do you plan to minimize impacts to the surrounding area?
Will drugs and alcohol be allowed?
Will there be an increased presence by the Sebastopol Police Department?
Will there be a curfew?
Will searches be conducted?
Will criminal background checks be conducted?
What other support does the City offer to the unhoused?
What is Park Village?
What is Elderberry Commons?
What is WCCS Homeless Outreach?
What is the Safe Overnight Parking Program?