Sebastopol Town Hall on Status of Services to the Unhoused

Presented by the Sebastopol Ad Hoc Committee on the Unhoused. 

On June 30, 2022, the Sebastopol Ad Hoc Committee on the Unhoused reported to the public on the status and progress of services to the unhoused in Sebastopol. An overall summary was presented, as well as specific updates on Horizon ShineElderberry CommonsPark Village, and Sebastopol’s Homeless Outreach Worker. Meet members of the community who have shared their stories in Sebastopol Unhoused: Stories and Solutions, a video produced as part of the June 30, 2022 Town Hall.

Town Hall Recording

Town Hall Meeting Agenda


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Town Hall Questions and Answers (answers as of July 14, 2022)
As part of the June 30, 2022 Town Hall on the Status of Sebastopol’s Services to the Unhoused, questions from the public were invited. The questions received are listed below, with answers provided by the Ad Hoc Committee for the Unhoused, reviewed and contributed to by City Staff. Please note that the questions are quoted verbatim from the public’s submissions. The answers are current as of July 14, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being done to mitigate the degradation of the downtown business sector due to the influence of many homeless people who are mentally unstable?
Will there be compensation payments for the city residents whose lives have been disrupted by the former Amerigas site concentration of RVs and residents organized by the ‘ad hoc committee’ opposite the Lucky shopping mall car park?
What is being done to address the rapidly growing overnight parkers, campers and drug selling, buying and consumption in the area (of Horizon Shine)? What is being done about the transients who are camping overnight in the town square?
What is the public City of Sebastopol 1, 3 and 5 year plan for homeless services paid for out of the city’s $10m (in a good year) annual budget?
Would they (the City Council) agree that in the past there has been little time allocated for public discussion prior to city council voting in concepts the city citizens had no prior knowledge of and will they agree there needs to be much longer public discussion periods before actioning their pet projects?
At what point will City of Sebastopol citizens be having a genuine ‘town hall’ dialog on the topic of transients, substance abuse, serious mental illness, working poor evictions and family care rather than just another self-congratulatory presentation of city partner services?
Would it be better for City citizens to organize a genuine conversation independently if this is never going to be organized and if so would you attend?
Councillor Glass is (on) the western region board member of Sonoma County Continuum of Care which gives the city of Sebastopol valuable visibility into the very obscure county funding and budgeting models. Will Councillor Rich be able to provide data on budgeting logic, spend, key performance indicator metrics and success/ failure data for the city of Sebastopol?
What is being done about the crazy scary people at Redwood Marketplace?
Have our police officers seen an increase in criminal activity that is associated with the homeless around the various sites, especially Horizon Shine? Is there an increase in criminal activity around town in general? Is there an increase around town that involves the homeless?
How much are the citizens of Sebastopol paying for Tim Miller and Dannielle Danforth of West County Community Services (operating Park Village), Michelle Patino of Disaster Emergency Medical Assistance (operating Elderberry Commons), and Adrienne Lauby of Sonoma Applied Village Services (operating Horizon Shine)?
Does the City have contracts with West County Community Services, Sonoma Applied Village Services, and Disaster Emergency Medical Assistance? What services does the City receive from those contracts?
What is the source of funds to operate Park Village, Horizon Shine, and Elderberry Commons?
What is the grand total of money the Council has voted to use for this purpose in the last year? What portion of Sebastopol’s budget in 2021-22 was spent on the homeless issue? How much is Sebastopol budgeting for homeless issues for 2022-23?
Why are you spending so much of our funds on this and not on our fire department?
What efforts are being made to leverage county resources instead of reinventing the wheel with pet projects leveraging the local civic budget?
At what point will accounting figures be provided for these projects? What independent oversight of partners is in place to ensure accurate data is captured?
Is there an individual assessment performed to find out what is actually needed to get each unhoused person able to care for themselves? Is there a treatment plan for each person? How many people are receiving ongoing treatment, whether it be mental health services or addiction treatment? Is there an assumption that these folks will ever be able to live on their own? How may people have been moved to permanent housing?
How many people are in each facility: Horizon Shine, Park Village, Elderberry Commons? How many at each site are from Sebastopol?
What is the future of services at Horizon Shine, Elderberry Commons, and Park Village? Will they continue to be funded?
Will the Ad Hoc Committee and/or Sebastopol City Council exercise the option to renew its lease with Saint Vincent de Paul of 845 Gravenstein Highway North for a second year?
Will this ever end? Will Sebastopol ever completely solve its homelessness problem?