Recent Accomplishments

For many years, Sebastopol has been a leader in climate protection and sustainability. Community values include preserving the city’s small town feel and supporting local business.  

In 2010, Sebastopol earned the designation of Cittaslow "Slow City,” one of only five in the US at that time. Headquartered in Italy, the Slow City movement seeks to do for urban planning what the Slow Food movement has done for agriculture. Although the local chapter has since disbanded, the projects it shepherded like the Pedline (self-guided walking tours), pedestrian-oriented wayfinding signage, and Time Bank continue to keep Sebastopol “green, friendly and artistic.”
In 2013 The City of Sebastopol became the second U.S. city to require photovoltaics (PV) to be installed on new buildings. The ordinance applies to all new commercial and residential buildings, and additions to existing commercial and residential buildings.
The Sebastopol City Council continues to work from list of adopted Goals and Priorities which are evaluated and updated on a regular basis as well as from Actions and Goals in the General Plan.  The Council also advocates for key bills brought forward by the legislature to continue Sebastopol’s goals of enhancement and protection of the immediate and long-term wellbeing of the city, its citizens, and its natural environment. Here are a few recent examples of how Sebastopol is achieving those goals.
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