Disability Complaint Outreach

The City of Sebastopol is committed to ensuring persons with disabilities can enjoy and participate at all levels of community living. Essential to participation is the ability to identify barriers that may prevent or eliminate community inclusion. To assist in identifying and removing barriers to persons with disabilities, the City of Sebastopol has developed and implemented a procedure and form to register complaints.

The City of Sebastopol shall contact organizations serving persons with disabilities to alert these organizations to the complaint procedure and form available to anyone who desires to register a disability related complaint. The complaint procedure and form will be sent to each organization to be available to persons with disabilities and other members of the public. The complaint procedure and form will be available in all City departments and will also be available to download off the City of Sebastopol’s web page at ww.ci.sebastopol.ca.us. In general, it will be the responsibility of the individual with a disability or a member of the public to notify the City of Sebastopol of the complaint and the details of the barriers preventing inclusion.

Contact Building and Safety Department

Glenn Schainblatt
Building Official/ADA Coordinator
7425 Bodega Avenue 
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707-823-8597 / Fax: 707-823-4703
Email: daryl@phillipsseabrook.com

Short explanation of disabled access upgrade