Contractors and Consultants

The Engineering Division maintains lists of prequalified consultants and contractors that wish to be notified when City projects are being undertaken.  For questions about the list and how to be included in it, please contact the Engineering Division at 707-823-2151.




Sebastopol Standard Details and Specifications
The City Standard Details and Specifications are issued by the Public Works Department.  The current standards were adopted by Resolution 4978 of the Sebastopol City Council on September 1, 1998. 

Individual sections are available for download here in .pdf format:

Section 1 – Water Standard Details
Section 2 – Standard Specifications for Construction of Water Mains
Section 3 – Sewer Standard Details
Section 4 – Standard Specifications for Construction of Sewer Mains
Section 5 – Street Standard Details
Section 6 – Storm Drain Standard Details

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