Street Smart Sebastopol

Street Smart Sebastopol was a citizen committee that was formed around 2000 to prioritize pedestrian improvements in Sebastopol and to best utilize a $20,000 planning grant  from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission which the City matched with $5,000 of its own funds. The purpose of this grant was to develop a schematic plan for action to improve traffic flow, safety, livability, and pedestrian and bicycle amenities for Sebastopol’s “Main Street”: the Highway 116 corridor in the City limits. This process produced the "Street Smart Sebastopol" report.

The effort resulted in crosswalks on Gravenstein, Petaluma and Healdsburg Avenues with flashing signs, distinctive pavement in the crosswalks, and landscape bulb-outs to shorten the crosswalk. The intersections were built out over three projects, the last one of which was completed in 2009.