Special Projects & Notices

Special Projects are those that are either projects initiated by the City with respect to public policy or public facilities, or privately-proposed projects of a significant scope or size.

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Huntley Square residential development, 7950 Bodega Avenue

The City has released the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Initial Study and recommends a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project.  The Project will undergo a Public Hearing with the Planning Commission on November 9, 2021. The Planning Commission will provide a recommendation to the City Council for final decision on the following: Rezoning to Planned Community, Tentative Subdivision Map, CEQA review.  The CEQA study and technical studies can be found below:

Barlow Crossing Townhomes, 6737 Sebastopol Avenue

This 18-unit townhome project was approved in 2019, construction is almost complete!

Benedetti Car Wash, 6809 Sebastopol Avenue

The Use Permit/environmental review was approved for this project in early 2020.  Design Review is pending.

City Ventures, 1009 and 1011 Gravenstein Highway North

This project has undergone preliminary reivew meetings.  No formal applcation has been submitted.

Piazza Hotel Project

The Hotel Sebastopol is a mixed use project that includes 66-room hotel wtih a variety of room styles (suites to hostel rooms), a mixed use building with artist studios, retail spaces, and a restaurant/meeting venue.  This project was approved in 2016/2017, and approvals are valid until October 2022.

Woodmark Apartments, 7716/7760 Bodega Ave

This project underwent Preliminary Review session sin 2019 and 2020.  A Notice of Intent to submit for approval under SB35 regulations was submitted in February 2021.  The current status is noted below.

Current Application Status/Activities (as of October 12, 2021):
  1. City and Tribal Cultural Resource staff have held meetings for Tribal Consultation. Archeologic site work will be done in mid- to late-October to further evaluate potential Tribal concerns at the site.  This work will help further the Tribal Consultation process This is still underway at this time.  
  2. Under SB35 regulations, the applicant must wait until Tribal consultation process is completed prior to submitting their formal SB35 application.
Public Comments: Initial Formal Application Submittal: Prior review by City's Design Review Board/Tree Board

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