Woodmark Apartment Project Archive

Summary of application history:
The Applicant submitted a new SB35 application on June 1, 2022.  The City again has 60 days under state statute to review the application, and 90 days to issue a decision on the project. the City completed review of the new applciation (materials below) on Jun 28, 2022, and found that, while there were minor inconsistencies, these inconsistencies could be resolved through conditions of approval for the project. The City will be moving forward with reviewing project conditions of approval, with a deadline of August 30, 2022.

City Determination Letter of Consistency Review dated June 28, 2022. 
There is a 7 day appeal period for this determination.  If no appeals are received by July 5, 2022, 5:30 pm, the decision is final.  The applicant can submit a new application submittal at any time, and the process for review would be based on the materials submitted and their response to the Determination Letter of Incompleteness/Inconsistency letter. Prior review by City's Design Review Board/Tree Board Public Comments:

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