Livescan Services

The Sebastopol Police Department has a technician, during specific times, for Livescan services.  We recommend calling on the day you are planning to have your prints taken, prior to your arrival, to confirm a technician is available.

Bring in your own Livescan forms, based on the service you are requesting.  The Sebastopol Police Department does not have Livescan forms on site.  There will be required information on the form, based on the level of services requested, that will be required to complete the service.  The agency requesting you complete the Livescan will provide you with that information.

Livescan Fees:

Rolling fee: $20.00
Department of Justice (DOJ) fee: $32.00
Federal Bureau of Investigation fee: $17.00

*If you are applying for adoption, a child care facility, an elderly care  facility, or to carry a firearm, there will be additional state fees.

Cash or credit cards are accepted.

You MUST have current government issued identification to provide at the time the Livescan service is provided.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:30am - 2:30pm

9:00am - 12:00pm