Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention FAQs

What is a backflow device?
A backflow preventer is a device that’s installed on your home or business's water pipes that allows water to flow only in one direction. Its sole job is to prevent hazards from getting back into the City's water system. 

How often must my backflow device be tested?
A certified backflow tester must test your backflow device annually.  The annual testing is mandated by the California Code of Regulation, Title 17​

How will I know when it is time to have my backflow device tested?
When it is time for your device to be tested, the City of Sebastopol Public Works Department will mail you a letter as a reminder that your backflow test is due.  When you receive the letter, you will have 30 days to have your device tested. 

How do I get in touch was a backflow tester?
You can download the tester list here.  This list includes testers who provided service to our customers last year.  You may use any certified provider - they are not required to appear on this list. 

How much do the testers charge for a backflow test?
Currently, the charges range from approximately $50.00 - $150.00 a test.  Please contact testers directly to inquire about cost. ​