Can I rent a room in my house as a vacation rental?

The City has different regulations for "hosted" and "non-hosted" rentals, however all vacation rentals require Planning Department review and approval.

Hosted vacation rentals are a  vacation rental where an owner resides (and stays overnight) at the rental while it is being rented and is limited to no more than two bedrooms rented for transient occupancy.  Hosted vacation rentals have no limit on the number of rental days.  For a hosted rental, a Permit from the Planning Department is required, and the site must meet specific requirements pertaining to vacation rentals, such as on-site parking, noise regulations, etc. (Administrative Vacation Rental Checklist)  If a permit is approved, neighboring properties will be notified of your rental.  A business license and payment of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) will also be required.

Non-hosted rentals are a vacation rental business where the owner does not reside at the unit have different regulations (see below).