Business Licenses Information

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Formula Business Ordinance
Are you thinking of opening a business in Sebastopol? Read the Formula Business Ordinance

Business License Applications
Business License applications are filed online, please use this weblink or call us at (707) 823-7863 if you have further questions.  When applying for a business license, please ensure that all the sections are completed in their entirety. Fees are collected by calendar year, and are pro-rated quarterly for the first year. Payment will be invoiced one your application is approved by the City.

Per Assembly Bill (AB1379), effective on and after January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2023, the one-dollar ($1) additional fee (Ca Disability Access Fee) is increased to four-dollars ($4).  Business License renewal notices are usually sent out by January 5th and due on January 31st.  To be in compliance with the City zero waste policy, renewal notices will send electronically.  To avoid late renewal, please ensure your contact information is up to date.  

Administrative Services Department
Once an application is filed online, it will be routed onto the Planning Department for approval.

Planning Department Approvals
Once approved by the Planning Department, they will forward your application to the Fire Department for business location inspections.  You can contact Planning Department at (707) 823-6167 if you have any questions regarding your business license approval status. 

Contractor Business License
Contractor Business Licenses are obtained from the Building Department located at 7425 Bodega Ave. (707) 823-8597.

Business Location Inspections
Business location inspections are performed by the Fire and Building Departments (707) 823-823-8061 or (707) 823-8597.