Cittaslow Sebastopol


In 2010, Sebastopol joined the international network of over 200 "Slow Cities." Headquartered in Italy, the slow city movement seeks to do for urban planning what the Slow Food movement has done for agriculture:
Retain our unique community flavor by keeping our town green, local, friendly and artistic.
As a "Cittaslow" ("Citta" means "city" in Italian), the City Council has partnered with a local non-profit, Cittaslow Sebastopol, to create community development projects such as:

Known for its emphasis on community surveys and its collaboration across the for-profit, non-profit and governmental sectors, Cittaslow Sebastopol has been recognized internationally for its deep engagement with the community.
Cittaslow Sebastopol is a 100% volunteer organization. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about the organization and its projects, email them at


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