Climate Protection Campaign



On January 15th, 2002, the City of Sebastopol passed a resolution committing the City to participate in the International Council of Local Environmental Initiative's Climate Protection Campaign. The first step is to conduct an inventory of the City's greenhouse gas emissions.

Sonoma County Climate Action Plan

People interested in serving their community are invited to apply to be community representatives. Community representatives will give feedback about proposed actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, visit the Climate Protection campaign web site at

Cities for Climate Protection Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

All nine Sonoma cities and the County have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as part of a worldwide effort led by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - ICLEI. Never before in this country has an area had 100 percent of its municipalities make such a pledge. Cornell University researcher Bogdan Vasi noted that Sonoma County is in the midst of making history with its climate protection activities.