Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As part of the Sebastopol City Council’s continuing commitment to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the city installed three electric vehicle charging stations in the city-owned parking lot on Laguna Way northeast of the Rialto Cinema in 2013. Fees as of April 1, 2017 include a $2.00 connection charge, and a usage charge of $1.00 per hour. The monies collected will be separately accounted for, and will be used to pay for costs associated with system administration, maintenance, and electric vehicle charging program network expansion at City owned and leased facilities.  The city plans to add charging stations in the South High Street parking lot across from the Sebastopol Center for the Arts soon. Privately owned charging stations at varying stages of completion are located at the CVS parking lot on Petaluma Avenue and in the Redwood Market Place near the Lucky supermarket.


Parking-Map-with-EV-Station-detail.png EV-Charging-Station-Close-(1).jpg