Ives Park & Pool

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Ives Park

Ives Park is a community park, located at 7400 Willow Street. It was built over 65 years ago and is the oldest park in Sebastopol. It contains a municipal swimming pool, baseball field, playground, theatre stage, grassy fields, and picnic areas as well as a portion of Calder Creek. Ives Park is also home to several festivals: Cajun Festival, the Roma Festival, and the annual Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival that draws approximately 25,000 people.

Ives Park Master Plan

Ives Pool

Ives Pool is located within Ives Park on City- owned land at 7400 Willow Street.

It includes two pools: A six lane pool that measures 16 yards by 25 yards and a smaller pool that measures 16 yards by 14 yards. Ives Pool is used by both the Analy High School and El Molino High School swim teams and home to a wide variety of programs, serving a large number of users. Ives Pool is the only public pool in Sonoma County that is successfully operated by a non- profit organization. While substantially maintained by the pool non-profit organization, the City provides maintenance support for Ives Pool.

As an intensely utilized public pool facility, Ives Pool has substantial ongoing maintenance and capital improvement needs. Desired improvements include: expansion of the locker rooms; development of a family locker room/ bathroom; renovation of the picnic/ grounds area, possibly with water play fixtures. Fees, community and City support have enabled Ives Pool to continue its operations, but needs continue, and are significant.

See: Website http://www.ivespool.org