Laguna Youth Park

Reservation Information

The Laguna Youth Park is a community park, located on the eastern border of Sebastopol between the Community Center, Youth Annex, and the Laguna de Santa Rosa. It was built in 1987 and contains picnic areas and two baseball fields that are used by the Little League. The Youth Annex includes a brick labyrinth in its lawn area. The relatively new ‘Peace Garden’ is also located in this area, with implementation of improvements partly completed. The area, adjacent to the Community Center, is also home to several annual events, which draw thousands of people.

Some of the Youth Park site furnishings (benches and tables) are showing their age and should be replaced; pathway repaving is needed; there are some drainage issues; and the play structure perimeter material (a large PVC pipe) would ideally be replaced with a less visually obtrusive material. In addition, while the Little League has a restroom that is open for it for games, there is no public restroom, which would be desirable to serve the park and Laguna Preserve. In addition, the Peace Garden needs a drip irrigation system and some perimeter landscaping. Some of the Youth Annex landscaping needs improvement. Although they are owned by the City, access to the two ball fields is restricted to Little League use, after some damage by event users and inconsiderate dog owners. In terms of general recreational community use, this is unfortunate and should be reviewed.