Railroad Forest Bike Path

The Railroad Forest Bike Path, completed in 2005, is a Class I facility, approximately 1/4 mile in length, which runs northerly from the Joe Rodota Trail, east of Petaluma Avenue (SR 116) to the intersection of Sebastopol Avenue (SR 12) and Morris Street. It forms part of the linkage through the Sebastopol, which connects the County's Joe Rodota and West County Trail, providing a continuous route for recreational users and bike commuters between western Sonoma County and Santa Rosa. It includes two bridges that span the lower reaches of Calder Creek and jurisdictional wetlands. The path was designed and constructed by the City, using a combination of funding sources including TDA Article 3, BAAQMD (Air District) funds and a State Recreational Trails grant. Due to heavy riparian growth, the Path needs regular maintenance.