Sebastopol Community Center

The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center (Community Center) currently operates out of three City-owned buildings: The Main Event Hall (390 Morris Street), the Youth Annex (425 Morris Street), and the Garzot Community Building (7985 Valentine Avenue).

The Community Center was founded in collaboration with the City in 1982 to provide a vehicle for the citizens of Sebastopol and surrounding areas to provide recreation services. Unlike some larger cities, the City does not run 'recreation' services, and the Community Center was intended to help provide this function (along with other entities like Ives Pool, Little League, and the Center for the Arts).

The Community Center operates on the City land on a rent-free basis, and receives some budget support from the City. The Community Center is a non-profit agency, which supports itself through fees for services, fundraising efforts, donations, and limited City support. Committed to quality education and enrichment, the Sebastopol Community Center originates and develops a wide range of recreational, service, and cultural programs. The Center provides the facilities to meet these community needs at all levels and for all ages, and also rents space for community and private events.

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