Water Conservation Videos

Water Conservation Video Tips from Burbank Heights & Orchards Residents

On Friday, August 20th, Sebastopol Vice Mayor Sarah Glade Gurney and Councilmember Patrick Slayter visited with residents at Burbank Heights & Orchards and handed out Sebasto-Pails to help with water conservation. Residents are serious about water conservation and contributed their water saving tips via video. 

Check out the Water Conservation Video Playlist HERE.

Several other residents offered up their own tips for saving water including:

  • Use organic/biodegradable soup so you can use your saved water to water outdoor plants 

  • Wash your dishes with soap (having turned off the water) then rinse all together, saving the rinse water for other uses (plants, flushing the toilet)

  • Get a timer for your shower. Cut back to 5 minutes, even less

  • Shower less often, not once a day.

  • "Don't wash your dishes!"

  • Use paper plates that can be composted (Recology accepts paper without any plastic or wax)

  • Reduce the water in your toilet tank (in the '70s drought, we put bricks in the toilet tank to take up space)

  • Collect your veggie washing/rinsing water and reuse it