Fire Services Delivery Study

The City of Sebastopol continually evaluates its emergency and disaster planning and procedures on an ongoing basis. As part of that evaluation, a Fire Services and Delivery Ad Hoc Committee was created to review the future of fire services in our community and plan for the future of fire services recognizing and addressing the realities of our situation:  an older population, increasing costs for staff, maintaining and purchasing equipment, and facilities that need improvements.

The City contracted with an outside agency with expertise on fire services (MATRIX Consulting) to assess the situation and provide recommendations to allow the City to plan for the future in terms of infrastructure and funding. MATRIX was asked to specifically consider two options for Sebastopol: continuation of an independent fire house, and consolidation with Gold Ridge Fire Protection District. They were also asked to consider and recommend any other approach they conclude could be feasible for fire services in Sebastopol.

The MATRIX Fire Services Feasibility Study may be found here.

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